• Generating bottom line growth.


    CAT utilizes state of the art unique technology to analyze the entire product portfolio identifies growth opportunities and provides a detailed plan of action how materialize it.

  • Generating bottom line growth.

    Implementation Scope

    CAT produces an efficiency plan that focuses on products suppliers and stores. Each and every month CAT generates an efficiency plan to 10 different categories.

  • Generating bottom line growth.


    A low cost monthly business service which eliminates complex IT investments. Standardized analysis is sent to each of the management functions via email and avoiding additional high ticket analysts.


DynaTrage gives your company a competitive edge with CAT – an analytic program-based management tool. CAT purpose is to increase sales and profits by showing the manager ways to improve the company’s operation efficiency. DynaTrage has designed CAT with the consumer goods industry in mind, though it can be utilized in various other markets.

Background and Business Information

The competitive, aggressive market environment of these days requires managers to quickly react to ever-changing conditions.
One of the most important tools that allows for efficient, smart decision-making is the ability to optimize cash flow in real time, as well as receiving accurate information of the competition’s portfolio.

However, current tools that are available for managers are inefficient.

A 2011 survey by Market Dynamics, which included 1,500 firms with a turnover of at least $100 Million, has found the following:

  • More than 75% of managers admit to not being able to analyze profits because of poor data and insight.
  • Almost 50% of managers believe that not having a more complete insight of profits, forces them info erroneous business decisions.
  • More than 33% feel that not having full insight of profits can impair financial performance.
  • Data used to make decisions is more than four months old.

Simply put, the inability to get real-time, updated information prevents managers from doing their job.

This crippling situation stems from the cost and complexity of current products. An IT project takes time, involves a team of workers and requires costly equipment with a pricy maintenance. Many firms, especially small businesses suffer even more, because they cannot finance high-end consulting or massive information technology expenditures.

CAT provides a solution to these problems: it is reliable, cost-effective and generates quick and updated information.



DynaTrage Inc. was founded in 2001 by a group of US and Israeli business men and women in Dallas. The company’ developed a chain-of-supply product for e-business. The product, BEST, based solely on Oracle technology, was targeted towards Oracle channels.

As the company evolved, DynaTrage produced CAT and organized a management team, Competitive Advantage Technology Ltd.

In February 2011, DynaTrage signed a pilot test agreement with Nielsen Israel, wherein CAT was tested on seven of Nielsen Israel’s accounts. The company is presently based in Israel.

Currently we are developing our own network of data providers.